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She gets back to the apartment and the lights don’t work. But soon, the Christmas tree lights up with the opening chords of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell.” Ted emerges from the kitchen says, “Yes it is,” referring to their argument about whether it’s his job to cheer her up. He says she doesn’t have to tell him what’s wrong, but she can never stop him from trying to cheer her up. She looks at the lighting spectacle and starts crying. She turns and cries on Ted’s shoulder.

Old Ted tells us and the kids that Robin never became a “pole vaulter”. “But she did become a famous journalist, a successful businesswoman, a world traveler. She was even briefly a bullfighter — that’s a funny story, I’ll get to that one later.
"But there was one thing your Aunt Robin never was…" he says, as we see Ted kiss Robin’s forehead and hug her, "she was never alone".

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